LITHGOW Mark Holman George

Born:  24 February 1894, Adelaide
Died:  3 May 1915

Parents: George and Ann Lithgow (nee Jenkins).
Sibling:  Isabella Maud Nellie.

Living in the Adelaide Hills Mark attended the Uraidla Primary School and when the family moved to the Allendale area, he was registered with the Kingsley Primary School.                                  

A cook by trade, Mark enlisted at Morphetville 24 August 1914 with the 10th Battalion and was posted to A Company as a private. He was allocated the regimental number 641.

 The 10th Battalion embarked from Outer Harbour per His Majesty’s troop ship Ascanius on 20 October 1914.  During the journey to Egypt the ship was involved in a collision with another troop ship, the Shropshire. An evacuation drill was commenced with the men making their way to the upper decks to prepare to evacuate, however both ships were found to be seaworthy, and the voyage continued.

After receiving additional training in Egypt, in March 1915, the 10th Battalion relocated to the Island of Lemnos in preparation for the landings at Gallipoli.

A few short months after leaving Australia, the 10th Battalion Scouts came ashore in the pre-dawn light at Gallipoli.  Their brief was simple.  “Go like hell for the third ridge” And go they did.  Many were killed or wounded. The 10th battalion was in the front line when the Turkish attack broke over their position.  Most of the 10th were killed and as well, the Turks lost very heavily. Mark was part of the initial landing force.  He was wounded in action and by the 29th April, he had been evacuated to Lemnos and from there transported to the Military Hospital at Alexandria in Egypt. Mark died from his wounds on the 3rd May and was buried at the Alexandria (Chatby) Military War Memorial and Cemetery Egypt.

Residing at Allandale East, his parents were visited by the Rev J Cully of Mount Gambier who broke the news to them that their only beloved son had died of wounds whilst fighting in the Dardanelles Egypt.  Mark was 21 years of age. 

Mark is remembered on his parents’ headstone located at the Mount Gambier Cemetery in Section F Plot  878. He is also remembered on the Kingsley Public School Roll of Honour, Allendale East Presbyterian Church Roll of Honour, The Australian War Memorial Honour Roll and the Adelaide National War Memorial.

On Arbour Day in August 1918, the local Port MacDonnell school children planted trees in memory of those who had fallen.  Ern Smith was given the duty to plant the tree in remembrance of Mark.

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