wdt_ID Names Description Comments Album / Store Don Photo Album Pg. Presentation
1 Abamo Lucy? Kilsby Reunion Mt Gambier racecourse 1986 list of people attached to back of photo Store / Display 1 6 SR/D framed
2 Aconley Alf Private home, poss. Alf Aconley, Gray St 1910c (Lady Nelson # 4) Store / Display 31 43 SR/D metal
3 Aconley Alf Aconley Alf, at Glenelg River People 0 104 16 D33
4 Aconley Alfred Aconley Alfred as a baby 1887 Aconley Collection 288 52 A 38
5 Aconley Alfred Aconley Alfred, Daisy & daughter Marie Mt Gambier 1918 Aconley Collection 288 104 A 55
6 Aconley Alfred Aconley Alfred signing Marie's wedding photo 1942 Aconley Collection 288 75 A 76
7 Aconley Alfred Aconley Alfred & sister Jennie Hortense Mt Gambier 1890c Aconley Collection 288 53 B 4
8 Aconley Alfred Aconley Alfred in a boater hat 1890's Aconley Collection 288 55 A 2
9 Aconley Alfred Aconley Alfred Melbourne 1890's Aconley Collection 288 56 A 41
10 Aconley Alfred Aconley Alfred & Marie at "Clairmont" 1892c Aconley Collection 288 22 A 14

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