Map and Plan Catalogue

1 MAP 001 7022-34 2 1975 1:10,000 First Topo/Cad Paper Covers Gambier East, Glenburnie & Worrolong One in Duplicates Drawer 12.
2 MAP 002 Mount Gambier 52-36/16 1 1;480 Sewer Paper Sewer plan. Penola Rd - Hedley St.
3 MAP 003 City of Mount Gambier 2 1963 10 Chain Cad Paper Drawn by J.F. Teusner & J.S Watson Has Contours.
4 MAP 004 Co. Grey 4 1 1958 160 Chain Cad Paper Has compass rose for 9 fire towers shown. South Australia
5 MAP 005 1 1952 4 Chain Water Retic Linen E&WS Dept. Boundary of Water District Port MacDonnell
6 MAP 006 City of Mount Gambier 1 1982 1:10,000 Cad Paper Showing planning zones
7 MAP 007 Western Victoria 1 Road Paper ?Maybe Shell. Pre 1966.
8 MAP 008 Voyage of the First Fleet 2 1988 Misc Paper Voyage of the First Fleet
9 MAP009 Hd Mingbool 1 1902 40 Chain Cad Linen Co. Grey Shows ownership for most sections. South Australia
10 MAP 010 Glenelg 1 1880 20 Chain First Cad Paper Parish of Glenelg. Of Counties of Follett & Normanby. Western Victoria

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