Bushfires, Bags and Beaters


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Bushfires, Bags and Beaters
A history of bushfires and rural fire fighting in and around the Mount Gambier district
By Ronald J. Telford

The history of fighting bushfires is one of dedicated people, often generations of the same families who have continued helping the community in this way. It is a story of human endeavour, at times against overwhelming odds, at story of courage, heartbreak and pathos, and those occasional glimpses of humour we associate with rural people.
Fire is part of the environment and unfortunately we will always have bushfires, some of which will escape causing tragic loss of life and property.
We should learn therefore from the experience of those past firefighter as we trace the change in fire fighting methods from large gangs of men transported to the fire on horses or horsedrawn vehicles to fight the fire with hand tools and sweat, to the sophisticated equipment used today. There are lessons to be learned such as the need for unity and co-operation: for good communications: for training and organization.
This book puts together the story of the people and the fires they fought and will us to improve our understanding of this vital part of country life.

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