Hutchesson Scrapbook

1 Bk1 p1 13/04/1982 Border Watch 1 Untitled Ivan's 80th birthday & he took part in Nostalgia Day at McNamara Park. Photo by Peter Morris. Ivan Ploenges on motor bike
2 Bk1 p1 Captioned photo Students stay the night after coming down from a mountain. The Wilmot Memorial Hall
3 Bk1 p1 Captioned photo Annual Dartmoor Show. Mr & Mrs Allan Collie. Photo by Peter Morris.
4 Bk1 p1 02/10/1975 Border Watch 2 Captioned photo Softwood Holdings had a brief Ceremony to recognise safe working record at the Sturt Street Mill Workers at safe working ceremony. See Bk 1 p26 also.
5 Bk1 p2 15/04/1978 Border Watch 4 MARRIED 50 YEARS Celebrated with 170 guests at the Masonic Hall. Mr & Mrs Pick
6 Bk1 p2 ? Border Watch Untitled Annual Fisherman's Ball Mr Phil Harvey presenting Mr Bill McCracken with South Eastern Professional Fisherman's Association badge. Photo by MG Photography
7 Bk1 p2 08/08/1978 Border Watch 3 Untitled Community Aid Abroad sponsoring a wood products factory in the Solomon Islands. Fund raising projects like the local ' Walk Against Want' in April & sale of Christmas trees. Karen Selby, Linda Wilson & Freda Taylor with pine seedlings.
8 Bk1 p2 By camel back to Lake Eyre Mt Gambier dental nurse on Transcontinental Safari. Evelyn Kleeman on camel
9 Bk1 p2 Untitled Cr. Preece
10 Bk1 p3 ? Border Watch Untitled One of 3 radio prizes awarded in this state by Coles New World Supermarkets. Mrs E Lamb being presented with prize from competition run by local New World supermarket. Photo by MG Photography.

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