New name for South-East

NEW NAME FOR SOUTH-EAST  (Border Watch 1932-33)

Residents of the district known as the South East have for a considerable time felt that the progress of their particular portion of the state was unduly retarded for lack of a suitable name.  The term “South East” … (is) not generally understood by residents of other states to apply to this district. 

The need for a suitable name is more apparent when one considers the attraction to tourists which local names such as Riverina, Gippsland, Monaro, Wimmera and so on, must have. 

A committee consisting of chairmen of the various district councils in the South East area have decided to offer a prize of £8 8/ for the best name for the South East.  Entries should be addressed to the Town Clerk, Mount Gambier, and marked “Name Competition” and be received up to November 10 next.  The decision of the committee will be final.  (Border Watch 6/10/1932)

The committee thought it would be wise to defer the closing time till the end of the present year. They considered this move a wonderful opportunity for a wide spread publicity campaign which would be a splendid means of focussing attention upon this portion of Australia.  And what could be of more public interest than a “Name Finding Competition”.

The committee agreed to extend the closing date for the Name Changing Entries to December 31st 1932.    (Border Watch 20th October 1932)

On 24th December the Border Watch published examples of Nomenclature.  Some interesting ones are:-  BLUE LAKE formally called Power Lake was called “Waawor” by the natives. BENARA “Panayera” means twigs or leaves of trees.  COONAWARRA is native for honeysuckle rise. GLENELG RIVER was “Pawer” meaning river. KROMELITE means red. LEG OF MUTTON LAKE – “Yatton Loo”. VALLEY LAKE – “Kettia Maipe”. BROWNES LAKE – “Krower-at-ware” literally means emu’s road. LAKE LEAKE was originally “Kirp” – box wood. MOUNT GAMBIER (the peak) was called “Erang Balam” – the eagle hawk. MOUNT GAMBIER (possibly where the town is) was called “Berrin” PEEWEENA is a native word for a young swan. CAVE GARDENS RESERVE was “Thu Ghee”


Free Voting.  Closing date Feb 15 1933. 

From a long list of 531 entries sent in by 250 different competitors, the Committee endeavouring to find an appropriate new name for the South East, today selected seven, and the public will be asked to make the final choice. 

The seven were: – KERAMI – South East.  BINDARA – Plenty.  KOORINE – My Daughter.  CORANDERK – A place of Flowering Shrub.  MINDARIE – Feast.  MOBILLA – A Hill. WARRINGA – Close Water. (Border Watch 21st January 1933)

NEW NAME FOR SOUTH EAST. The South Eastern Name Competition was finalised last week, when a count by members of the committee showed that the name “WARRINGA” had been selected by 157 of the 193 people who voted.  The nominator of “WARRINGA” was found to be Mrs E. M. Hansford, of Robe, who will receive the committee’s cash prize…. The number of names entered at the outset of the competition exceeded the votes for the final selection, little interest being shown in the endeavour to apply a new name to the South Eastern district. (South Eastern Times 16th May 1933)

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